During my initial meeting with a bride and groom, I encourage them to ask me anything that comes to mind, especially things that help better explain what to expect in booking the studio. Below are just some of the questions I personally received from people I came in contact with about my services. Most of my replies I copied and pasted from my own email response to them.


How do you say your name?
Wai Reyes is pronounced as “Wy Ray-es”.

How long have you been a photographer as a career?
I have been in business for over 8 years.

What did you do prior to becoming a photographer?
Prior to starting my business, I was Senior Designer for a creative agency in Claremont for 9 years. I believe my experience as a designer has helped me see through the lens in a different light, being more conscious about balance and flow in design aesthetics.

When photographing couples, what are you trying to capture?
In shooting couples, I capture as much spontaneous interaction as possible. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, so I give direction when needed.

What would you classify your style as?
My style is both natural and editorial. I like photographing love in the sense that I want my couples to look as happy as they really are being together. With that said, you won’t find yourselves in uncomfortably awkward poses in trying to make you look like fashion models. Instead, your images will capture you as you are… happy and in love.


What kind of equipment is used during shooting?
I use all professional grade Canon camera bodies and lenses.

Are your cameras insured, and do you have backup equipment?
Yes to both! All my equipment is insured so that if any gets lost or damaged, my insurance will replace it immediately. I also have business insurance and liability insurance, and carry a backup camera at all times.

How involved are you in your clients’ planning?
I do like to get involved in my clients’ planning and assist with my couple’s timeline. I will work closely with your planner to ensure all the important moments of your wedding are covered. I also make necessary referrals for whatever you need on your wedding day! I have been lucky to have worked alongside some of the best in the wedding industry and can send you recommendations. I neither accept nor receive referral fees; therefore my recommendations are based on how great I think they are.  

Can we provide a shot list of images we want taken?
Yes you can! I accept a list of special groupings for family members and friends to be photographed during the Formals, as well as any special or symbolic moment you want captured. However, because a wedding is an uncontrolled event, I cannot guarantee delivery of specifically requested images although all efforts will be made if an appropriate amount of time is allotted to do so.

Do we get the digital format of our images?
Yes of course! Wedding Coverage and Engagement Sessions include all full-resolution images on DVD and Online Gallery. They are your images, and you certainly have rights to them :)

How many images do we expect to get from our wedding day?
Your collection can yield between 400-800 print-ready images, regardless of whether I shoot with a Second Shooter or not. Although I shoot non-stop throughout the day, I am able to present more images if there are more action and details during the event. And of course, more images can be expected if there are more hours in the coverage.

How long does it take for us to receive our images?
Final images are presented within 8-12 weeks of your wedding day.

How do we pick images for our album?
All images you receive will also be posted on your Online Gallery where you can view and share images, as well as purchase individual prints. When you order an album, a pre-design of your album is presented for your review. You can change as many images in your album as you wish! Once an album design is checked off and approved, no further changes can be made as it will go straight to print and bind.


Our wedding is outside of Southern California. Do you travel?
Yes I do! For weddings outside of Southern California, a travel fee is added to the Basic Package, including:

– Roundtrip Airfare for Wai Reyes and/or Associate
– Hotel Accommodations at the same hotel as Bride & Groom or within close distance
– Rental Car (if no shuttle to and from hotel is available)
– Meals for the duration of the trip, approx $30/day

Our destination wedding is very small and our budget is tight. Can we have you stay in a room at an adjacent hotel with the rest of our guests?
Of course! It is entirely up to you where you put me. It’s only suggested that I stay at the same hotel for the ease of getting to where you’re at on your wedding day.


Do you offer packages and collections?
My studio pricing is pretty straightforward and all items are à la carte. You can start off with the Basic Coverage and then add or remove products or services in your custom package to match your needs and budget. In other words, you are not limited to just a few collections where you can pick just one.

Can we possibly see a full wedding from start to finish before booking?
Of course! That’s part of what happens when we first meet. Because complete weddings include intimate photographs of the Bride and Groom getting dressed, I am able to show images in person during our meeting, with permission from the clients whose wedding I’m presenting.

Will you be booking other weddings on our wedding day?
Never! I shoot only one wedding per day. I also book limited amounts of weddings throughout the year to ensure every booking receives the highest level of quality and commitment.

Are there any disadvantages to not including a Second Shooter in our package?
I work the same way with or without a Second Shooter so not including one will not significantly affect the coverage. I carry many lenses in difference ranges and I move around a lot when shooting so you won’t have photos from just one perspective. However, having a Second Shooter helps greatly in maximizing your photography timeline so that while I am shooting the Bride getting dressed, the Groom can be simultaneously photographed by my associate.

Why is an Engagement Session an important item to add to our collection?
An Engagement Session helps a great deal in preparing you being in front of the camera, especially if you haven’t been professionally photographed before. You can also have a canvas print of your favorite engagement photo up on an easel at your reception. Most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other before the big day.

I’m ready to book you for my wedding! How do I start?
A deposit of $1500 is required upon signing of your contract. Your billing and shoot info can be viewed, and payment can be made securely from your password-protected client access. It’s that simple!